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Amigo Uriza

Map Teleport on Touch

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This script only works when an avatar clicks on something, like an object.

It also requires that the item contains a landmark. You have to replace the landmark name and add the name of the region and the coordinates using this estructure:  "name, region (x, y, z)"


     touch_start(integer num)
          list lstTemp = llParseString2List(llGetInventoryName(
          integer intElement = llGetListLength(lstTemp)-3;
          string strSimname = llStringTrim(llGetSubString(llList2String(lstTemp,
          vector vecVector = (vector)("<"+llGetSubString(llGetInventoryName(


When the avata clicks on an object, the map opens with the coordinates and the user can use the "teleport" button on the map.

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