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V-Twins Refund Policy




We do not have demos for all our collections and we can not offer Demo Huds for logistics and technical reasons. Offering demos is also a very time consuming process that very few customers use and it has become eventually a waste of our time. 
On the other hand,  fitmesh items for brands such as Belleza o Maitreya etc work 95% of the times with standard shapes, shapes with reasonable numbers. So there is actually no important reason to try a demo for fitting purposes. The demo, on the other hand, is useful to see how it looks on your avatar, to inspect the quality and the details of the item. For that, we are sorry, but we try to offer high quality and detailed pictures.


A recent study among our customers valued the demos, but they didn't like their simplicity of a demo because it was not a good reference to value the quality of the real item. The study also proved that it was our brand and good experience and service from V-Twins, and not the demos, what ultimately convinced them to purchase the outfit. Not the demo itself, the demo only convinced a 50% of customers.  With so few people using the demos, and only half of them convinced by the demos, we prefer to be pragmatic and offering you a 48 hour refund policy instead if you are not convinced with your purchase.




Shop with confidence. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, and you think a demo could have prevented you from buying the outfit, I will gladly refund your purchase.



The limited 48 hours refund policy applies to:

  • Mesh & Fitmesh items sold on marketplace, reseller boards & Main Store ( outfits )


This policy DOES NOT apply to  fitmesh Boots, Outlet Store products such as boots, and collections using Omega Appliers.




Our policy refund is based on good faith. If you are a new customer and purchase one of our collection and you honestly believe it doesn't have the quality you were expecting, we offer you a 48 hour return policy. This means we will refund your purchase and you can keep the item or delete it from your inventory. 


The policy is meant not to be abused, and it's based on good faith from both sides. You trust us when purchasing one of our collections, so we offer you a refund policy for non transferable items. Keep in mind that our items are not transferable, so yes you get refunded and you get an item for free. 




Q: What reasons are valid to ask for a refund ?

Mainly the reasons any demo could have prevented you from buying the outfit. For example, the mesh items does not work with your mesh body. Or for example, you don't like how it looks like on your avatar, or you don't like the colors the hud includes or you don't like how the outfit looks like one you wear it.

In summary:  size problems with mesh bodies & insatisfaction with the item that could have been solved using a demo.


Q: What if I make a mistake thinking I could use fitmesh with the standard avatar, for example ? Would you refund me the outfit ? Or if I buy the items thinking it's transferable but it is not?

As We said this is a policy based on good faith. I will not refund any items if the customer does not read properly the instructions or don't understand how Second Life works, however, nothing prevents the customer from saying that he doesn't like the colors of the hud for example.  I will not ask questions about that.


Q: How many times can I ask for a refund ?

As I said this policy is based on good faith, not in numbers. If I feel I'm being scammed I will refuse to refund the outfit. 

As a general rule, new customers can ask for refund once or twice. 

I would also expect customers to purchase 2 or 3 outfits before asking for another refund. 

I prefer not to base the refunds on fixed numbers. 


Q: Can I buy 10 outfits and ask for a refund of the 10 outfits?

No. You can't. This policy is based on good faith. If you like 10 outfits but you are unsure, just buy one or two first to check our quality. If you don't like the quality then you can ask for a refund. But I will not refund a huge purchase.

If you buy 10 outfits, but you feel 1 or 2 of these items doesn't have the quality you would expect from V-Twins or you have an issue with the size etc. ( anything that could have been prevented by using a demo) you can ask for refund of that item in particular.


Q: What if I wait more than 48 hours to ask for a refund ?

I will probably decline the refund. 48 hours is enough time. 


Q: Can I get a refund for Boots that I purchased? 

This policy applies only to fitmesh Outfits. V-Twins boots are sold by Chaplin Tomorrow. If you think you are elegible for a refund, feel free to contact Chaplin Tomorrow and ask for a refund. However, keep in mind that this policy does not apply to his items and any refund will be handled at our discretion.


Q: How do I ask for the refund? 

Send me a message inworld to Amigo Uriza with a brief description of the issue. I will check the transaction, and I will refund you if it proceeds.


Q: Does this apply only to Marketplace or also at V-Twins Main Store?

It applies to marketplace and V-Twins main store. Both.


Q: Oh Wait, but you Still have Demos on Marketplace and inworld, don't you ?

Yes, we have demos items released before June 2018. 


Some boots and other old outfits have their own demos.



Thanks for your loyalty. You make V-Twins possible.

Amigo Uriza.


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