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Importing Old Content From V-Twins Website

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Hi !!


We are aware that some of you are former bloggers from V-Twins Website and you helped V-Twins creating blog entries, adding pictures etc. etc. When we created Metabloggers we invited you to join the new project, since we were aware that the V-Twins Website would eventually be closed. 😍


Metabloggers was supposed to be like a new begining. Now it's time to inform you that on June 24th  we will be closing the old V-Twins website and work only with Metabloggers. 😎


We know some of you might have content there that you don't want to lose.  For example Blog entries. Unfortunately there is not a valid import process to rescue the V-Twins Blogs and we need to execute this task manually. Yes, one by one and copying and pasting. 😓


That's why I have created an external form where you can send me the links. 12 per form for now. All you have to do is follow this link:

👉   https://form.jotformeu.com/91592265981367


I will move your old V-Twins Entries to you Metabloggers Blog. This will include:

  • The Old date
  • The pictures you uploaded


Each form will allow you to send me 12 links from V-Twins Website that you want to move to Metabloggers. I know you might have questions, so I give you a few answers too:


Q: There are only 12 URL in the form. Does that mean I can only ask you to import 12 blog entries?

A: No, but please .. wait untill we have finished your 12 to send a new form with more links.  As a matter of fact, 24 is the max number of entries, I'm willing to accept per bogger. Exceptions can be made, of course.


Q: Can I ask to have my old Blog to be fully imported ?

A:  No. This is a manual process. I will have to do it copying and pasting etc.. It's boring, tedious, complicated and exhausting. So please, just be picky with the content that you want to import. If you send me all the links, I will contact you to ask you to be selective. This will slow down the process and your request.


Q: Can you also import my pictures from the Galleries ?
A: No. You can upload your pictures by your own. You should have copies in your computer or Flickr. If I had to do this task manually, I would end up brainless.




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This is just to inform you that I have already imported more than 30 blog entries so far.

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