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How do I Create an Event ?

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How do I Create an Event ?




⚠️ 👉 Only Subscribers ( members with an active subscription: VIP, Patreons, platinum, merchants & event managers ) can add events to the calendar. 



 Free accounts can't add events 

⁉️  Yes, Technically you can convince a subscriber to post an event for you. We will block this option (if detected) when or if people abuse it.


👉  How much does it cost to post events if I don't want to subscribe?  L$500 a year.


In order to create an event, first of all you need to access the calendar here: 

Click on: "Create Event


Fill in all the information required:


The Event Date & Time

Add all the information for the event: Date & Time ⚠️ ⚠️  ALL DATES & TIME MUST BE ADDED IN YOU LOCAL TIME ZONE

 Do NOT use Second Life Time Zone.

The calendar will auto adjust to users that have different time zones, according to your time zone. 


calendar date.jpg



The Event Data

After filling in date and time, please fill in the rest of the information:


  • Event Name (Title)
  • Description (Describe the event). Remember you can add pictures & copy and paste information
  • Do not forget the Cover Photo for the Event. (Optional)
  • If you have an album with pictures of the event, you can also include it.
  • Venues ( a future and upcoming feature we are still working with )


event data.jpg




👉 1 Minute after creating the Event, the system will generate a Topic in the Forum.  



You can modify this topic and add or remove information. You can also change the Thumbnail picture for the Event if you don't like the picture the system generates.

To change the thumbnail, edit the 1st post and upload a new thumbnail picture.


If you have questions, please use this topic or contact "support".


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