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  1. This is just to inform you that I have already imported more than 30 blog entries so far.
  2. Hi !! We are aware that some of you are former bloggers from V-Twins Website and you helped V-Twins creating blog entries, adding pictures etc. etc. When we created Metabloggers we invited you to join the new project, since we were aware that the V-Twins Website would eventually be closed. 😍 Metabloggers was supposed to be like a new begining. Now it's time to inform you that on June 24th we will be closing the old V-Twins website and work only with Metabloggers. 😎 We know some of you might have content there that you don't want to lose. For example Blog entries. Unfortunately there is not a valid import process to rescue the V-Twins Blogs and we need to execute this task manually. Yes, one by one and copying and pasting. πŸ˜“ That's why I have created an external form where you can send me the links. 12 per form for now. All you have to do is follow this link: πŸ‘‰ https://form.jotformeu.com/91592265981367 I will move your old V-Twins Entries to you Metabloggers Blog. This will include: The Old date The pictures you uploaded Each form will allow you to send me 12 links from V-Twins Website that you want to move to Metabloggers. I know you might have questions, so I give you a few answers too: Q: There are only 12 URL in the form. Does that mean I can only ask you to import 12 blog entries? A: No, but please .. wait untill we have finished your 12 to send a new form with more links. As a matter of fact, 24 is the max number of entries, I'm willing to accept per bogger. Exceptions can be made, of course. Q: Can I ask to have my old Blog to be fully imported ? A: No. This is a manual process. I will have to do it copying and pasting etc.. It's boring, tedious, complicated and exhausting. So please, just be picky with the content that you want to import. If you send me all the links, I will contact you to ask you to be selective. This will slow down the process and your request. Q: Can you also import my pictures from the Galleries ? A: No. You can upload your pictures by your own. You should have copies in your computer or Flickr. If I had to do this task manually, I would end up brainless.
  3. I have created a new tag system so that everybody stays more or less in the same page. I have also limited the amount of tags to 15. I think 15 are more than enough to properly tag a blog entry or an image or a marketplace item. Tags are NOT restrictive. This means that you can still add your own tags if you think it's necessary. For example a brand name like V-Twins. IF you think there are some tags that could be included in the lists, please write them down here in this topic and I will consider adding them to the system.
  4. Upgrade your Account to Metablogger (Still a Free Service) All you have to do is to create your own blog.
  5. As someone pointed out a few days ago, there is a small issue with the picture editor. I added a small widget to help us with the pictures, but it looks like it creating a few issues and I will have to remove it. I still don't know how to do it. I will have to investigate and run some tests. I'm working and it will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks.
  6. We have created a FAQ for Events here:
  7. V-Twins Biker Outfitters Banner:
  8. Hi. This morning I was talking to Chaplin and we realised that we were trying to create a too complex scenario for the Events. So we decided to simplify all the aspects of event hosting and event sections. This is the new and simplified System. Subscribed users like patreons, merchants & VIP will be able to post events in the calendar. When someone creates an event in the calendar, a new topic is automatically created in the Events Section here: https://www.metabloggers.com/index.php?/forum/27-fashion-inworld-events-in-second-life/ After that, the event appears in the block system and it is advertised all over the website. Once the Event has been published, the author can modify the event and the Topic. The Event Host group will be disbanded, since it is no longer necessary and all the benefits and perks will be added to the merchant group.
  9. Metabloggers Code of Conduct The code applies to forum conversations, comments in the sections (blogs, images, status updates, events & products) and reviews; however it can also be applied to all the sections
  10. Metabloggers Interaction Code The interaction code applies to forum conversations, comments in the sections (blogs, images, status updates, events & products) and reviews. πŸ‘‰ Stay On-topic - within the post and/or comments! πŸ‘‰ No Self-promotion - do not post your blog link where it is not necessary! We have other areas of promotion on the website: blogs, events, business directories and event directoris, and marketplace items. The forum area and the comments section are sensitive places where spam can be a real issue. It can distract people and annoy users and readers. πŸ‘‰ Choose Your (Curse) Words Wisely. This is an adult community, but nobody likes to write offensive words scattered all over the place. As you can see, we are not saying, you can't curse; what we try to say is that don't make a habit for that and you'd better have a good reason to curse. πŸ‘‰ Don’t Copy and Paste - this is plagiarism. We are talking about the "interaction" section here, when commenting or writing in the forums. It's better not to copy and paste there, but use your own words and comment spontaneusly. If you want to copy and paste content from somebody else, please use the "quote" button of the editor. πŸ‘‰ English Only - currently the only language supported, sorry. We understand and speak other languages, like French, Spanish or Italian. πŸ˜‡ However, we can't talk for every user in this community and a common channel is necessary. Otherwise it would be complicated for everybody to participate. Keep in mind that we are talking about interaction in the common sections like forums, comments and reviews. πŸ‘‰ These are big No! and behavior that must be avoided at any time. (It's just amazing that we have to write this, but rules are rules) β›” Personal attacks against another commenter or the writer of the post/website. β›” Jokes or aggressive negative comments on the aesthetic appearance of a person β›” Hate speech or other clearly intentional jerk behavior. This includes, but is not limited to: the use of the words which denigrates men, women, the LGBTQ community or any other sensitive community that requires special protection and broad imprecations or assumptions based on race. β›” No racist, sexist, gendered, ableist, ageist, homophobic and transphobic slurs and language of any sort β›” Harassment, threats, dogpiling and gaslighting will not be tolerated toward our community members or staff ⚠️Political comments are not forbidden per se, but we encourage you to stay away as much as possible, since it's very easy to lose the perspective of what you are talking about. *** Important: ⚠️ This interaction code applies to ALL the sections in the metabloggers community. Keep in mind, that some sections like the business or event directory can have specific rules of interaction within those forums, those blogs or any content paid by a subscriber. Private sections (like the forum of an specific brand) can not go into conflict with the general rules, but can have more restrictive rules that membes must be aware of, and respect.
  11. Metabloggers Spam Policy Definition of spam
  12. Website Philosophy & Goals What is Metabloggers ? a community of bloggers that like writing for the metaverse. Metabloggers pretends to be a community of virtual world users with special interests in blogging for: events brands just for fun. We try to create a useful and productive environment for all our members and provide our members & customers with the necessary tools to blog and share information of the metaverse. As you can imagine, we are fully aware that without participation, this project would be useless. First of all, we would like to become a place where visitors and metaverse users or residents visit regularly to check for new content and information. Secondly, we would like to offer free tools for all those metaverse users, amateurs or professionals, that like to blog and share their skills. We can offer them, not only a blog or storage space for hosting their images and share them, but also a place to meet with other bloggers and members. Third, we would like to be the place where metaverse business users can promote their content, not only using the website tools, but also using our registered bloggers ( we call them metabloggers ). These business accounts can be of different types, for example a store or an event. In order to achieve these goals, a community needs a series of rules that can help us to organize better. These rules are not arbitrary and they are not strict, but we like to think of them as a safenet. First, to prevent people from doing things that could harm our social harmony and second, to be set limits and boundaries that all of us know and respect.
  13. This website is still under construction. IT's normal that you need help because some sections don't look clear or some sections look confusing. It's normal. Do you have doubts ? questions ? suggestions ? Ask here in this topic, and I will try to answer them all
  14. This thread will be used by admin and moderators to store and publish graphic content & messages needed to have this website working.
  15. Greetings Everybody We have officially open, however ... we are far from having the website finished. Right now we have a series of improvements and technical issues that I must address in the upcoming days and weeks. This is the list. Improvements We need to add, the Forum rules terms of services We need to fix the footer of the website We need to add specific instruction for the following scenarios How change group from visitor to metablogger How to create a blog How to subscribe and advantages of subscribing Fix the upper menu with the right options Create the Great gallery categories for bloggers Create the options that when a blogger creates a blog, a gallery is automatically created for him/her Adding Title options to the editor for users. Bugs We need to allow business directory members to post blog entries in the blogs. Right now the system does not allow it, I have filled in a bug ticket to support.
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