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  1. PissyRissy

    Bouty Bouty

    ::Items Worn:: {MN} Navy Lazy Day Outfit - pants **ABSEN** -Soffi- Sweatshirt Vlad Blackburn - Thug Life Canvas Sneakers .::Nanika::. Within my Heart necklace & choker (The Gacha Garden Gift) ::Head & Body:: [RA] Ary Hair - Reds (The Saturday Sale Purchase) Xxxtasi - BeautyKartel Bento Nails - Stoney (The Exclusive Event)* Misschevious - Glitter Tears - Silver (The Saturday Sale Purchase)Current Look ::Backdrop & Poses:: MINIMAL - Anniversary Background (Group Gift) Animosity - Defiant 5 pose ($60L Happy Weekend Purchase) PINKI - Kawaii Bento pose (Free Gift) My Main Blog * More info and posts will be coming soon about this new Event!!
  2. ::Style Credits:: Vibing - Natalia Shorts & Top - Peach (Free SL 16th Birthday Gift) e.marie - Cupcake Necklace (Free Uber Gift) ~Nerido~ Noir Choker (Free Uber Gift) ::Head & Body:: bonbon - Vina hair (Free Marketplace Gift) Current Look DeeTaleZ *Natural Beauty MakeUp* nude lipstick (Catwa PowderPack) ::Decor Shown:: Consignment & Dust Bunny - Gracie Living Room -Bag Clutter (The Saturday Sale Purchase) Apple Fall - Charlotte Cabinet (Free Famished Gift) Lagom - Falling flowers (Free The Liaison Collaborative Gift) Silence - Cressida Bed - Cream +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtains - Long Apple Fall - Plaster Horse (Free Famished Gift) Tuesdays - Double Table Frame (Free Famished Gift) Apple Fall - Nest w/Speckled Eggs (Free Group Gift) Apple Fall - Stacked Books (Free Famished Gift) Apple Fall - Basil Sproutings (Free Famished Gift) .peaches. Sensual Sweethearts - Vintage Candles (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase) .peaches. Simply Fabulous - Clutter Set - Brush/Dryer/Flat Iron (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase) .peaches. Resolution Clutter - Planner ~BAZAR~ Paris - Side Table Consignment & Floorplan - Antique Mirror Love Picture Frame Flats Apple Fall - Frame - Sea Companion Study (Free Group Gift) ~BAZAR~ Shelf-Quatro-Shabby Ivory Side Table *My apologies for not being able to link some items. It appears Silence has moved locations, I'm trying to find the new one. Also, some items just didn't have designers names on them. If I can get that info I will be sure to post it asap! My Main Blog
  3. PissyRissy

    No Chill

    ::Style Credits:: *CandiYamz* Syn Baby Pink Onesie (group gift) Blueberry Stockings (fifty linden friday purchase) ::Face & Body:: pr!tty - Max Variety+Blonde hair (the saturday sale purchase) Current Look ::Location & Poses(s):: Backdrop City - New (group area) Animosity - Defiant Pack ($60L happy weekend purchase) ::Scene Props:: tarte. photo mirror brown (the saturday sale purchase) Junk Food - Sletfix & Chill Set ($60L happy weekend purchase) Galland - Fameshed Sofa Table [Park Place] Diva Bench - Pink Panes PG My Main Blog
  4. PissyRissy

    One Moment Plz

    ::Style Credits:: InStyl-Mini v4 one piece Julia's Scandal Eve Chain :::insanya::: Necklace - Hearts Blackburns Gothic Lace-Up Boots - Black ::Head & Body:: Little Bones King hair (group gift) Current Look ::Pose & Props:: *!R.O!* Money Folded/Money Stacked/Pose Smitty's Super Store - 1967 Impala Police Interceptor My Main Blog
  5. Great pictures! Love the edits. tip: if you want to, after you post you can scroll down and at the bottom left is post options to edit. Then you can center your picture or move it to the top if you want. Just saying. It took me a bit to figure that out. Cheers!
  6. SLURL group join | flickr | website Ends July 25th Come check out The Best Point Event and grab yourself some Free and Cheap Gifts! There aren't a ton, about 15 or so that you can get here and only 1-2 are 0L. The rest you will find range from 5L-30L, so not too bad. This Stars Bodysuit is by ::PITA:: and is super cute with the lace up back detail. I paired it with V-Twins Bootleggerz heels and the pose is ~X.T.C Poses~ and comes with the bag in black and red versions! So stop on by before it ends and see if there is something you'd like to add to your inventory! My Main Blog
  7. PissyRissy

    EPOCH July Hunt

    ::Items from EPOCH Hunt worn:: .epoch. journee outfit - red fade top .epoch. proud leggings sushi muted Modulus Visor - Red ::Head & Body:: Little Bones Hair Geo (group gift) Current Look ::Location & Pose:: EPOCH sim Stardust - Fun Portraits (free ACCESS gift) My Main Blog
  8. PissyRissy

    Digital World

    ::Gifts from VANITY Event worn:: [AB] Jennie Bodysuit Maitreya Pink R.icielli NATANA High Heels for Maitreya -:zk:- Sensual Romance Necklace ::Head | Body:: TRUTH VIP joy (Group Gift) Current Look ::Backdrop | Pose | Accessories:: Gracias *RARE* Anything More Backdrops by The Bearded Guy Fashiowl Poses Party 2 Little Fox Kitty phone ::Other items NOT from Event:: .euphoric Hizma Nose Peircing PUNCH Heart Septum : ANDORE: Mesh Ears Rose and Key (Group Gift) LIVIA Moon Bento Rings Vibing + Nova Emma Ringset My Main Blog
  9. PissyRissy

    Cozy Panda

    ::Pink Cream Pie Clothing:: Kat Tee Prickly Hug Me Tee (group gift) Kore Leggings Tight (group gift) Nicole Sweatpants Panda Workout (lucky board) Nicole Sweatshirt Panda Workout (lucky board) Becky Sneakers Panda Workout (lucky board) ::Head & Body:: Current Look Besom Girl Gang Bun (Group Gift) ::Location & Poses:: Backdrop City Kawai (Group Area) .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Lili Pose Pack (Gift at SL 16th Birthday Event) Stardust Fun Portraits My Main Blog
  10. PissyRissy

    Shine Bright & Far

    ::Style Credits:: {Quinnty's} USA OUTFIT Cap Brunette 1 Hoodie pants [MERCH] HeirMaxx'97 (Gift from ACCESS Event) MadCatCreations red white and blue bathing suit (Dog Days of Summer Hunt Gift) ::Head & Body:: Current Look TRUTH Astra Hair (Valentines Gift) ::Poses & Props/Accessories:: .::Nanika::. Model Poses .peaches. Sparkle Sparkle (Free Gift) :::ChicChica::: Happy Independence 2 ice cream (Free Gift) My Main Blog
  11. PissyRissy

    That Crystal Heart

    ::Items from The Crystal Heart Academy Event worn:: *Tentacio* magic ribbon (free gift) ::AMBIX:: Usagi Ears & Tail (free gift) ^.^Ayashi^.^ Mizuki hair (free gift) CURELESS Crystal Rod (free gift) Luas Lluna Halo (free gift) MICHAN Chibi Choker (free gift) Insomnia Angel knight garter (free gift) {The Crystal Heart} Academy Handbook - held (free gift) .SB. floppy shy eggu gift (free gift) ::Head & Body:: My Current Look ::Poses:: FOXCITY Dance set (Free Gift from SL 16th Birthday Event) eBENTO 2nd Anniversary Gift by -[CL]- My Main Blog
  12. PissyRissy

    Mod Girl

    ::Style Credits:: -CroM- Zorana Overalls Shorts & Shirt -CroM- Zhenya Black & White Jacket !C Tee Shorts (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase) .::GB::. Leather zip boots Maitreya (Gacha #10) ::Head & Body:: My Current Look ELIKATIRA Amberly hair (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase) ::Location & Poses:: Backdrop City Tumblr (Group Area) FOXCITY poses (Gift at SL 16th Birthday Event) My Main Blog
  13. PissyRissy

    Bad Doggies

    ::Style Credits:: Beautiful Dirty Rich Highway To Never - Thong (Group Gift) Amataria Crop Top (Gift from eBENTO Event) ::Head & Body:: TRUTH VIP HoneyAna & Char hair (Group Gift) CATWA head Margeaux Maitreya Mesh Lara Body *YS&YS* ILLY Skin Tone03 (Catway PowderPack June 2017) DeeTaleZ eyebags, blush, brows and lipstick (Catwa PowderPack June 2017) ::Fifty Linden Friday Purchases:: .peaches. Sensual Sweethearts - Vintage Tub Izzie's Body Hair JIAN Boston Terrier Companion & Wonderer JIAN Boston Terrier Hot Dog Theif My Main Blog
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